We build web applications
that exceed your expectations.

Questions matter

Designing your app begins by understanding your business.

Front-end approach

We define your app's user experience before coding.
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We care

Our objective is to help you launch a successful app.
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Get in touch

The best way to learn about you and your app is to have a talk.

We take your web applications to the next level. They will look and feel like native desktop or mobile applications like never before.

At the same time you will have all the advantages of web apps over native apps: no installation and updating, access from anywhere on the internet and cross-platform compatibility.

Using modern browser techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 we build apps that not only meet but exceed the expectations of your customers.

Please have a look at the apps we have created, or read on and see what sets Antrix apart from others.

Why we are different

We don't speak native

Whether your clients are behind their PC's running Windows or Linux, are on the road with their iPhone or BlackBerry, or sitting at home with their iPad or Galaxy Tab, they will be able to run our apps.

We do not build 'native', platform-dependent apps but rich web-based apps that run on any device via a standard web browser. Using modern browser techniques, web apps can offer desktop notifications, geolocation, beautiful typography, drag-and-drop, high quality graphics, and more.

We love complexity

We love the additional complexity of creating web-based applications. Being able to put together a range of techniques (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and always work with the latest browser improvements is what gets us up and running in the morning.

We know the back-end, too

Web apps are not all about front-end user interfaces. Often the apps must access your database or some legacy system. Over ten years of experience in web application development enable us to seamlessly connect your app's front-end to your back office. For that we use the widely-supported Microsoft .NET technology.

What we do

Although every project is different and each working relationship unique, there are certain common characteristics found in most projects. The elements below will give you an indication of what you can expect if you decide to work with Antrix.

1. Analysis

Before we can start to design and build your app we need to understand your business or organizational objectives, target audiences and other factors that could affect the development.

2. Establish the look and feel

Establishing the right look and feel for your app involves working with you to better understand your target audience and corporate identity. We don't bring a particular 'Antrix' style to each project, our aim is to create the right design for each brand and its users.

3. Produce the code

The code behind your web app is just as important as how it looks. This is because you need your web app to be available to the largest possible audience using varying devices to access your content and robust enough to last for years to come. To achieve this we use:

  • HTML5
  • The most advanced CSS (CSS3) that will make your app shine in the latest browsers
  • JavaScript that will add a layer of interaction that can better engage users
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